During 2006 - 2007, The Cuckoo appeared to be less frequent in the Teme Valley Area than in previous years.

The Wildlife Group is asking local residents to report any sightings/or calls of the bird.

The results for 2008 were that there were Three birds reported from four distinct areas during March - July 2008.

The first bird was reported by several people in early March in Stoke Bliss. This bird appeared to stay in this area for some time.

During this time, the bird was positively seen in a garden on a number of occasions, as well as being heard.

The second bird was reported in Early June . This bird was heard on the Lower Rochford Road close to the Eastham boundary and again (possibly the same bird??) further up the valley towards Upper Rochford on the top road.

A third bird was reported on 6th July at Berrington Road, Tenbury, being fed by a nesting Starling.


2009 Log

9th February - Heard at Upper Rochford - Hilltop

18th March - Heard at Stoke Bliss

24th March - Heard at Stoke Bliss.

1st August - Heard at Woofterton

2010 Log

11th January - Heard at Upper Rochford - Hilltop

19th January - Heard at Upper Rochford - Hilltop

11th February - Heard at Upper Rochford - Hilltop


If you see or hear any Cuckoo calls, please let us know by emailing