Common Local Bird Survey


                                                                                                                                          Gold Finch on Niger Seed feeder

The Teme Valley Wildlife Group is currently involved in a local 'Common' bird survey.

This is an on going survey designed to determine just how common, some of our local birds are. Clearly the more people that are involved in the survey, the more comprehensive the data will be and the better the overall picture will be.

The survey is being collated this year by Geoff Wookey who is actively running the project and coordinating the data collected. It entails a list of 50+ or so, common birds, which are regularly seen around the Teme Valley area.

Geoff is asking for people living or working in the local area, to choose a site to monitor. Ideally, this will be somewhere where you are on a regular basis, and may be your garden at home, some where you walk the dog regularly, like Oldwood Common, your view from your office window, or a larger area such as your farm.

Then, on a monthly basis, using an 'on line' reporting system, make a note of the highest number of any one species you see at any one time during the month. Then, at the end of each month, just indicate your form is complete and your data will be added to every body else's, who is taking part.

To obtain your own 'on line' page link, get in touch with Geoff at the email address below


            Chaffinch on Yew Tree branch

So, if you see one chaffinch on the 2nd and four chaffinches on the 7th and two chaffinches on the 9th...etc...Your record will show 4 chaffinches.

With every one recording the highest numbers seen in any one month, then information on general distribution and populations in the Teme Valley Area can be gained.

This project started in April 2008 and we hope in the near future, to be able to bring you updates on the findings.

To this end, Geoff is looking to source more recorders for this project. So if you fancy taking part in a LOCAL bird survey. Please get in touch with Geoff at the address below........ And remember, you can do it looking out at your garden with your morning cup of tea!...Its that easy !

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                                                                                                             Long Tailed Tit on Peanuts