Butterfly Survey                               


                                                                                                                      A relatively scarce Marbled White seen in July

The Butterfly survey was set up in March 2009 to look at the species and distribution of butterflies apparent in the Teme Valley.

We are always looking for new butterfly recorders in the Teme Valley area. If you want to join in on the survey, please email the co-ordinator for the project, Richard Pill on richard@rpill.orangehome.co.uk

Butterfly populations vary greatly from year to year, but recording of this data, in this particular area, is just not undertaken.

We therefore have little idea of just what butterflies are, or are not common in our Teme Valley area.

This project is going to attempt to address that by giving us a much better understanding of just what butterflies we do have flying in the Teme Valley.

In simple terms, we just ask you to pick a 'patch' to base your survey on. It can be as large or small as you like.

Your garden is fine, or where you walk the dog, or even a/your farm.

All we require, is that it is a place you frequent fairly regularly.

We then need you to note down the MOST NUMBER OF ANY ONE SPECIES of butterfly you see, at ANY ONE TIME during a calendar month.

So if you saw Two Peacock Butterflies on your patch yesterday and Five today.....and then tomorrow Three...your data would say Five......the most number you saw at any one time....(Not Ten)


To see the ongoing 'live' results of the 2009 butterfly survey.....click here   (Just in the process of being installed!!)