Injured or unhoused Birds

The basic premise with birds that have fallen from the nest is to leave them be. The Parents will usually know where they are and continue to feed and look after them. Young fledglings often spend a lot of time on the ground or in low bushes soon after fledging. Intervening may cause the parents to abandon the off spring.....

......but there are times when you feel it necessary to 'do something'.

Getting them away safe from predators such as cats is the common one. If the fledgling is in otherwise good health, then putting them onto a branch in a bush or tree from where they have come, will usually be sufficient. The Parent will soon find them again.

If they have clearly fallen out of a nest that is visible, and are clearly not of fledgling age, then placing them back inside with minimal disturbance whilst the parents are away is acceptable.....but this should be carried out quickly and quietly with minimal disturbance.

One of the main problems is the need to ensure that the bird is not injured. This will almost always require specialist knowledge and ability. If you have any inclination that the bird is injured, it should be taken to a local vet for diagnosis.

Members of the Teme Valley Wildlife Group have also found the following people / organisations of great assistance:

Swifts, Swallow & Housemartins.

Notre Vale



01386 584691


Barn Owl Trust - Live Bird Emergency

07889 594663

Other Birds & Animals

Vale Wildlife Rescue
Station Road
GL20 7AN
01386 882288

If you find a person or organisation that have been of help.....please let us know in order that we can add them to the list.