Project List

Below are some of the surveys we have going on at the present time. They include sightings, photographs, data and general information. Click on the link and get involved or just browse to see what's on your doorstep.

Bird on feederBirds

Would you like to get involved with our common wild bird distribution survey? Photographs / Data / Results..

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There is an on going survey of moth species in the Teme Valley. We need more people to get involved. If you think butterflies are pretty, have a look at some of the moths that have come from our area.

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FlowerWild Flowers

We need more volunteers to photograph and record wild flowers that we see in our area.

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What Butterflies do you see in your garden, or on your travels around the Teme Valley Area. Take a photo and help compile an on going record.

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Barn Owl Survey

A new survey to record local Barn Owl sightings. Let us know when and where your sighting took place.

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