Can Anybody Identify This?

Found something and not sure what it is?

Send in a Picture and we'll see if somebody in the area can help out by identifying it.

Plant or Animal, they are all welcome.

If YOU know the Answer, Please email us back so we can all learn something.




August 2008 - Lauren & Lucie Newell from Telford, whilst visiting friends at Upper Rochford found this caterpillar and asked, what is it? It was found on the grass below an old Oak Tree and was about 2" long.



Answer             : A Buff Tip Moth Caterpillar

Answered by   : DMA



August 2008 - This small Fungi was found growing in the lawn, having come up over night.

Does anybody know what it is?



Answer (revised)            : Milky Conecap Conocybe apala

Answered by                    : David Antrobus



July 2008 - David from Upper Rochford has these caterpillars growing on some stinging nettles on the 1st July and asks what they are.



Answer             : Peacock Butterfly Caterpillars

Answered by   : DA





July 2008 - Keith from Eastham has sent in these three photos of a plant growing in his garden and is keen to find out what it is.





Answer             : Toadflax

Answered by   : Caroline Roseman