The Teme Valley has a varied habitat which acts as a host for many of the UK's reptiles. Send us any pictures or information you have on any of the species present in the area.

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November 2008 - Phil Vincent sent in these two pictures from Clifton of Slow Worms taken earlier on in the year.






August 2008 - Caroline Roseman sent in these pictures of both Grass Snake and Slow Worms seen at Lower Rochford.







July 2008 - David Hambelton from Upper Rochford sent in these pictures of a Grass Snake seen recently.





Note the disintive and diagnostic yellow and black collar together with the black markings along the body length. It is unfortunate in the picture above, that there is a blade of grass acoss the snakes eye. Grass snakes have a circular pupil. Adders have a 'slit' pupil.


July 2008 - And not to be outdone, Chris & Jenny Rodgers sent in these pictures of a Grass Snake they spotted.

Grass Snakes are clearly relatively common in this area.