Leaf Miners

Leaf Mines are produced by moths or flies. This page concentrates mainly on those mines formed by Moths.

Leaf mines are formed by the impregnation of a fertilized moth egg into or onto a leaf of a suitable host plant. As the egg develops into a small larval grub, it starts to eat its way through the actual leaf, often between the front side and the rear side of the leaf. This leaves a distinctive trail across the leaf which can, in many cases, be clearly seen.

Many of the trails are distinctive for each moth, as is the plant host, so often, the presence of a moth species can be determined by looking specifically for the mine at certain times of the year on specific plants.

The information below gives detail of Moths and Plant host to look out for in the Teme Valley. Some are very common. Others exceedingly rare.

Leaf mines are common on many plants. If you find a leaf mine on any plant...make a note of the plant and where it was found, take a picture of the mine and send the photo and details in. We will try and figure out just what possibilities of moth species you have found, and add it to the information below.

All Photographs are copyright of photographer named.

Food Plant : Bramble
Moth : 0050 - Stigmella aurella

Stigmella aurella Leaf Mine on Bramble

Annabel Elliott - Kyre Pool

Stigmella aurella Leaf Mine on Bramble

Alan Micklethwaite - Hanley Broadheath


Stigmella aurella Leaf Mine on Bramble

Sandy Blakeway Smith - Pensax Common


Stigmella aurella Leaf Mine on Bramble

Maggie Kingston - Stoke Bliss

 Stigmella aurella Leaf Mine on Bramble

Ian & Diana Parkin - Abberley



         Stigmella aurella - Adult Moth (Photo : Patrick Clement)
Stigmella aurella - Teme Valley Distribution
Food Plant : Bramble
Moth : 0125 - Emmetia marginea

0125 Emmetia marginea Mine by Patrick C...

Emmetia marginea Leaf Mine on Bramble

Danny Arnold - Upper Rochford

                        Emmetia marginea Leaf Mine on Bramble

                                    Photo : Patrick Clement






       Emmetia marginea-Adult Moth (Photo : Oliver Wadsworth)
Emmetia marginea- Teme Valley Distribution