The following Moths were first seen flying this month in the Birchfield Moth Project in the Upper Rochford area of the Teme Valley.

Be aware that flight time emergence is dependant on may issues, including weather and temperature. As such, in subsequent years, the Moth may appear in months sooner or later than currently shown for 2008.

Also be aware that many species have two (or more) broods per year. In general, the FIRST appearance in the calendar year is shown, in the knowledge that the Moth may have a second brood later on in the year, in which case, it has not been re-photographed.

Also to be borne in mind is that any individual flight periods may run for more than one month, i.e. from one month to the next. Again, there is no second photograph, in this instance.

The colour coding of the name box of each Moth, gives an indication of how common, uncommon, scarce or rare the moth is considered to be in Worcestershire UK, from data complied by the County Moth recorder and others in 2007.

Photos not to scale.


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July 2008

Fox Glove Pug
Satin Wave
White Satin Moth


Scarce Footman
Grey Pine Carpet
Single Dotted Wave
True Lovers Knot
Small Rufous
Yellow Tail
Slender Brindle
Buff Footman
Barred Red
Large Emerald
July Highflyer

Pine Carpet
Dingy Shell


Scalloped Oak
Ghost Moth - Female



Dingy Footman
Scarce Silver Lines
Small Dotted Buff
Brown Line Bright Eye
Least Yellow Underwing
Waved Black




September Thorn
Muslin Footman
Common Rustic
Broad Bordered Yellow Underwing
Leopard Moth
Cloaked Minor




Black Arches
Tawny Speckled Pug
Marbled Beauty
Rosy Rustic
Cloaked Carpet
Lesser Cream Wave
Svenssons Copper Underwing
Shaded Broad-bar
Small Emerald
Bordered Beauty
Devon Carpet






Canary Shouldered Thorn
Small Blood Vein
Lesser Yellow Underwing