Insect Gallery

If you have any creepy crawlie photos taken locally, send them in for every body to see.

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20th August 2009 David & Jo Sothers sent in this Tachina Fera fly picture.


9th April 2009 Gerald Roseman has been busy again on the insect front. This time with a bee that was found in need of sustenance.

                                Photo Gerald Roseman


4th April 2009 - Another picture from Gerald, this time our commonest Ladybird, the two spot.

                                 Photo Gerald Roseman

                                                                               Two Spot Ladybird

20th March 2009 - Gerald Roseman from Lower Rochford sent in these creepy spiders from his garden.

                                  Photo Gerald Roseman

                                  Photo Gerald Roseman

                                  Photo Gerald Roseman

15th March 2009

This bee came in onto the daffodils at Upper Rochford.


                                                                             Bombus Lapidarius

February 2009 - pisaura mirabilis a Spider found in the Orchard.



August 2008 - Caroline & Gerald Roseman sent in a picture of this Millipede found in the garden. Millipedes are generally recognisable from centipedes in so far as Millipedes have two rows of legs per body segment, whereas centipedes have onlyone set of legs per body segment.



August 2008 - Another Picture from Caroline & Gerald. This time its a spider. It looks to be a female Amaurobius similis


August 2008 - And a final one from Caroline & Gerald. This is a Marbled Beauty Moth.