Butterfly Gallery

The butterfly gallery is still very much under construction.

If you have any butterfly photos taken locally, send them in for every body to see.

Send you photos to danny.arnold@waterwide.com

April 19th 2009 - Peacock Butterflies showing well at Upper Rochford



April 13th 2009 - Orange Tip & Peacock Butterflies at Upper Rochford




March 25th 2009 - Chris Kemble sent in this photo of another very early Small Tortoishell from her gardent Knighton on Teme.

                                Photo : Chris Kemble


March 15th 2009 - A very early Small Tortoiseshell at Upper Rochford


                                                                                Small Tortoiseshell

March 15th 2009 - A Comma, again at Upper Rochford, and again, a little early.




August 2008 - A Red Admiral butterfly decided to visit one of the Moth Traps over night, just going to show that Butterflies as well as moths are attracted to light




August - A Peacock butterfly, and what looks to be a Gatekeeper on the bottom of this budleigha flower (Photo by CR)



Below, Taken in Mid July, A Comma on a budleigha



That budleigha bush again, this time with a Small Tortoiseshell (July 2008 Upper Rochford)


A Ringlet on some Bracken

Found very commonly over 'rough' ungrazed grasses and bracken. Very 'Flighty' and doesn't settle for long.

(July 2008 Upper Rochford)


An Essex Skipper

Another Butterfly from the same site at Upper Rochford. (July 2008)



Another very Common butterfly in our Fields during July - The Gate Keeper - note the Two white spots in the black disc on the fore wing. (July 2008 Upper Rochford)