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If you have any wild animal stories or photos taken locally, be they as small as shrews or large as the Fallow Deer below, send them in for every body to read & see.

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June 2014

A Stoat family from David & Jo Sothers











July 2009

Hedgehog from Caroline Roseman


More badger & cub shots from David & Shirley Hambelton




Photos from Gerald Roseman through the kitchen window! Young Fallow Deer.







June 2009

                       Photo Andrew Mawby


August 2008

A few more of the Stag from Caroline







Caroline Roseman sent in these picture of the Wild Fallow Deer seen this weekend. Note how the young Buck's antlers are now showing and the Doe's colouration is much more marked and striking than it was a few months ago.














July 2008

Reported that the same three deer are being seen regularly on Farms in the Teme Valley Area.


May 2008

The three Fallow Deer are being seen regularly in the same area.


April 2008

Three Wild (or escaped) Fallow Deer have been spotted in the Teme Valley Area.

A Doe and Buck with what looks like last years Fawn.

These photos were taken at with a 800mm lens.