Amphibian Gallery

If you have any photos taken locally of Frogs, Toads or Newts, send them in for every body to see.

Send you photos to

A Tiny Toad photographed on a July Walk in Woonton



Great Crested Newt from Abberley

                                photo Andrew Mawby

Smooth or Common Newt from Abberley

                                photo Andrew Mawby


A Palmate New from Upper Rochford   



Caroline Roseman sent in this picture of an early Toad in her garden.


Phil Vincent took these pictures of Frogs, Toads and Newts from his area around Clifton.


                                                                                           Frogs spawning


                                                                              A Tiny Toad recently hatched


                 Adult female Palmate newts are hard to distinguish from female Smooth Newts. The best way to tell them

                 apart is the fact that the throat of the Smooth Newt is spotted and that of the Palmate newt is either plain

                 pink or yellow.


                                                       The Underside of the fully protected Great Crested Newt.