Butterfly Identification

The purpose of this identification guide is to allow people to Identify Butterflies which ARE LIKELY to be found present in the Teme Valley Area. It maybe, that some of these species listed do not appear in this area. Conversely, it maybe, that some species seen are not listed here.

By keeping us up to date with what species you are seeing and when, will enable us to modify this section, in order to define exactly which species are, and are not being seen in our Teme Valley Area.

So please, keep us update with your records.

Send them to richard@rpill@orangehome.co.uk


                              Just click the

                       Predominant Colour

                            of the Butterfly

                   you are trying to Identify

                                                         This is not in any Taxonomical Order


       Blue       Brown      Yellow    White


         Orange    Red     Green      Black