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31 December - Has anybody seen the Waxwings in the Teme Valley this year?. They are a bird from the continent which sometimes land on the east coast. This year however, a few have moved in land, with a flock being seen down at Suckley, a village 15 or so miles south of Tenbury, between Bromyard and Malvern. Let us know if you see any about.

25 December - A Happy Christmas to all....The birds don't know its the festive season and they are going about their normal day to day routine. This little Coal Tit came to the window feeder just before lunch today!

Coal Tit

22 December - Richard Pill at Knighton on Teme was out running this morning and came across a Redpoll. This is a "first" for this web site / wildlife group and is an important record for the area. It is likely to have been a Lesser Redpoll as they are more common than the perhaps not so well named 'Common or Mealy Redpoll'. It is a bird of the finch family, much like a pale sparrow with a red cap. All we need now is the photo Richard!

21 December - A warm night not dropping below 10C here at Upper Rochford, brought out an array of impressive winter time moths, including these below. The Pale Brindled Beauty is an early emergence for the species.

Mottled Umber Showing two variations of the same moth

Winter Moth Pale Brindled Beauty

18 December - A 'gang' of Long Tailed Tits came in onto the feeders at Upper Rochford this afternoon. More pictures in the Bird Gallery will follow soon.

Long Tailed Tits on Fat Balls

15 December - Managed at last to get a photo of one of the GoldCrests around the Upper Rochford area Orchards. This is Britain smallest native species.....even smaller than the Wren,......which very fortunately, jumped on the same piece of branch about 10 seconds later for a size comparison!!



14 December - This web site has been down for the last few days owing to us having to move to a larger server. Normal service should now resume!

7 December - Goldcrests are very visible around Upper Rocford again today, with several being noted in the Orchards. The frosts are also icing up the local birds water supplies, so please ensure that any water you have out for the birds is frost free.

1 December - A very early emergence and at a temperature of -6C last night...the first of this years brood?...a Satellite Moth came to one of the light traps last night at Upper Rochford....the first since May 2008.

30 November - A group of 16 Long Tailed Tits came down on the feeders today at Upper Rochford, chattering like a group of naughty school children . Also on and around the feeders, in various numbers, Goldfinch, Chaffinch, Great, Blue, Marsh and Coal Tits, Nuthatch, Dunnock and Robin. Plenty of Redwing about in the Orchard.

Two wild Fallow Deer also seen at Upper Rochford today.

27 November - Last night was a 'warm' night, at least for November. 8C. As such, there were a few Moth Species active and on the wing. Coming to the Upper Rochford light traps were Feathered Thorn, Red Line Quaker, Spruce Carpet, Yellow line Quaker, Winter Moth, December Moth, Chestnut, Mottled Umber and a 'first' for the site, the Scarce Umber.

Scarce Umber

The Moth Gallery has been updated to include the Octobers Macro Moths flying in the Teme Valley Area and has also been split up into Months, to quicken the web page loading process.

A small flock of Redwing came through the Cherry Orchard at Upper Rochford this afternoon, which followed a flock of similar size, of Fieldfares.

Several small flocks of Long Tailed Tits about over the last few days also.

25 November - Phil Vincent from Clifton sent in some amphibian photos....the first for the web site, and some slow worm pictures, taken from earlier on in the year. Click here for the Frogs, Newts and Toads and here for the Slow Worms.

The Bird Gallery has also been updated with some of the birds seen recently at Upper Rochford.

24 November - New Subscription rates agreed at the November meeting.

Members : £15 per year plus £1 per meeting

Non Members: 1st meeting Free of Charge. £3 per meeting thereafter

The Choice of Nest Box information has been posted to this site. Click this link here.

23 November - A nice winter afternoon with blue skies and the sun shining. Plenty of Redwings in the Orchard at Upper Rochford this afternoon.

A Redwing sat in the top of a Cherry Tree

21 November - Well, it seems that at least two more of you have seen Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers about in the Teme Valley, and in completely different locations. So they have now been see at Upper Rochford, Lower Rochford and Broadheath. Its well worth keeping your eyes and ears open. Anything 'tapping' on a trunk could turn out to be one. They are only about the size of a greenfinch, so relatively small.

20 November - There is a Wildlife Group meeting tonight at 7:30, Rochford Village Hall. All welcome. The talk will be on Nest Box selection, location and care.

Down in the Orchard this morning, I saw a bird I hadn't seen for over 20 years, let alone around here. A Lesser Spotted Woodpecker was busy extracting insects from an old cherry tree. Its great to know that its about in the Teme Valley. Have you seen one about? Let us know.

16 November - I notice that many of the DIY stores which have garden sections are now also stocking bird boxes. Having visited a couple recently, both were selling off 'old' bird box stock......many boxes were less than £5. If you're thinking about putting a bird box up, its probably worth investing now as I doubt you could make it for that price!......It also gives time for the box to 'weather' which will make it more attractive in the spring when the birds are looking for suitable nest sites.

Site the box away from any bird feeding station and if its in the open, preferably facing South to South East to keep wind chill to a minimum.

7 November - The Teme Valley Wildlife Group will be putting together a schedule of proposed speakers for the 2009 monthly meetings. If there is any subjects you would like to see covered, please let us know and we will see what we can do.

5 November - A lady from the Eastham area emailed to say that she regularly sees Muntjac deer in her Orchard. They certainly appear to be quite wide spread throughout this area within the Teme Valley. She also said that she regularly sees Goldcrest, along with Greenfinch, Blackcap, Coal tits and Goldfinches in her garden and had Grass snakes and Slow worms in the compost heap this summer. Sounds like a wildlife paradise!!

30 October - Well, we made the front page of the Teme Valley Times newspaper...or at least we got our photo taken of the Teme Valley Wildlife Group Stand at the Applefest!...Nice hat Keith !!

Maiya from Little Hereford let us know that she caught sight of a Peregrine Falcon this morning, perched on a branch out her way. Just goes to show, at this time of year, anything could turn up....

....and two days ago, her grand daughter spotted a Dipper down by the Teme in the same area.

Keep a look out now also for Snow Buntings. They are already showing up elsewhere in the county, so there is no reason they shouldn't show up on your door step. Their winter plumage is quite white and they are about one and a half times the size of a typical green finch ....similar in shape, but bulkier. Let us know if you catch site of one.

27 October - Back from my latest birding expedition to Islay which meant I unfortunately missed the Applefest weekend! However, I hear it was a great success and the members of the Wildlife Group who did put on and man the stand, did say it was nice to see so many of you specifically at the Teme Valley Wildlife Stand. Thanks especially to Keith and Maureen Oddy and David and Jo Sothers who fronted the Stand all day.

The Local Wildlife Quiz went down well and we can reveal that the Winner was:

Diane from Nash

Well Done Diane in getting the highest score with a commendable 9 out of 10 answers correct....

Diane was closely followed jointly by Sue Wilkinson, along with someone with a Birmingham address (who’s name I cant read off the entry form) who tied in second place, with a very respectable 8 out of 10.

In joint Third with 7 out of 10 came Sean Fenton and Alan Hudson.

Well Done to all that entered.........and below, you can see the actual Answers (.......and by the way, Nobody got Question 9 correct!!).

Q1 (A) Frosted Orange Q2 (B) Greenfinch Q3 (D) Oak

Q4 (C) Great Spotted Woodpecker Q5 (C)Slow Worms Q6 (D) Fallow Deer

Q7 (E) Carp Q8 (B) Red Admiral Q9 (E) Buff Tip Moth Caterpillar

Q10 (A) Buddleia

Hopefully we will see some of you at the next Wild Life Group meeting on the 20th November in the Rochford Village Hall. Starting at 7:30pm. If you have specimens or pictures, we'd love to see them, so bring them along too.

16 October - Latest pages updates. The Moth Gallery has been updated with the 15 'new' Macro Moth species found on the wing in September here in our area. These include the spectacular Merveille de Jour. (See below). Also uploaded are some photos sent in by Chris & Jenny Rodgers showing a grass snake spotted in July (see the Reptiles page), and the wild flowers gallery which shows a wild orchid they photographed in June.

Merveille de Jour - In your garden now!

15 October - It's Applefest in Tenbury this weekend. Keep a look out for the Teme Valley Wildlife Group stand. We're putting on a display of photographs taken of wildlife from around our area. There's photos of Fungi, Birds Moths, Insects, Flowers and much more.......Plus, if you think you know your wildlife.......there's a local wildlife Quiz......How many answers can you get right??? Answers will be posted on this web site on Monday 27th October, together with the names of those who came up with the most number of correct answers.

12 October - Two Goldcrest were seen in an apple Orchard at Upper Rochford. These are the UK's smallest native bird weighing about the same as eight paperclips!!

8 October - There is a Wildlife Group Meeting tomorrow night (9th). Contact us by email if you would like to come along. We'll send you details.

The first Fieldfare's have arrived in the area. They have been seen in the Orchards at Upper Rochford today. Listen out for their characteristic chattering song. As well as Orchards, other favourite haunts are hawthorn or other trees providing berries. You might also see them in the fields. They tend to flock, so its quite a noisy 'party' when they are about. They are about the size of a Mistle Thrush and a migrant that over winters in the UK.

6 October - A female Sparrow Hawk was seen at Upper Rochford today.

1 October - Keep you're eyes open if you are traveling in and around the Kyre area over the next few days. A couple of sightings of an Osprey have been reported as being seen. Once yesterday and once the day before. This is almost certainly a bird on migration, which has stopped off en route. If you see it, let us know !!

26 September - Apparently, the RSPB are issuing two 'FREE' bird song CD's with the Sunday Telegraph on the 5th & 12th of October. Many people have asked about 'bird song' CD's in the past. This may be the opportunity to get your hands on a 'FREE' copy. As its issued by the RSPB, it should be worth buying the paper just for these.

25 September - Who says trees done make a noise. Try going and standing under one of our large local Oak trees. This recent weather seems to have allowed acorns to dislodge a little early. As a result, all you can hear is the steady 'plop', as another acorn hits the ground.

A Sparrowhawk was seen at Upper Rochford this morning as well as two Ravens.

21 September - Back from our wanderings abroad. Took an early morning walk through the cherry orchard and down to the pools looking for fungi. Was not disappointed. The combination of the wet weather, together with the last few days of an Indian Summer has allowed fungal spores to flourish, resulting in a vast array of fungi coming up. To see the full extent of what we found, follow this link. Fungi Gallery.

30 August - A Muntjac was seen in the Lower Rochford area again last week.

Can You Identify this. (Click the link in the Green Box opposite).

Two visiting girls found this hairy beast under an oak tree! More pictures on the Can you Identify This Page

The following web pages have been updated:

Animal Gallery. Caroline Roseman has sent in some more deer pictures.

Insect Gallery. Gerald Roseman sent in some insect pictures......dont look if you don't like creepy crawlies !!

Moth Project. Update on species flying currently.

Moth Gallery. 15 'new' Macro species were found on the wing in August in our area. 14 picture are posted...and one got away !!

27 August - Two 'new' moths have shown up on the survey running in the Upper Rochford Area. These are Feathered Gothic and a Center barred Sallow. Both are relatively common in Worcestershire, but first records for this particular area. Pictures of both will appear next week on the moth gallery web page.

The Hobby was again seen today, this time by the Writer, at 1:30pm, again on the same road and area as seen on 23rd August.

23 August - The Hobby which was seen and reported earlier in the month has been seen (today) resting on a post on the Upper Rochford to Tenbury Road, by Jo Sothers. This second sighting would appear to show that this summer migrant bird is staying locally for the time being.

To check out exactly what a Hobby looks like, click the following link.


Better still, try and get a photo !!

16 August - A colourful visitor landed up in a local moth trap last night, and was released unharmed this morning. It did allow for a nice picture before it took off though!. Click here to see the visitor.

15 August - The following galleries have been updated with pictures taken locally. Thanks to all who have sent photos in. Please keep them coming in. - Just click on the link.





10 August - A Muntjac deer decided to come out into the daylight and was seen today at 3:15 on this sunny Sunday afternoon on the road between Upper Rochford and Tenbury. The deer was a Male and in good condition. It ran along the road for about 150 meters in front of the car before leaping a field gate as though it weren't there. A nice 'close encounter'.

9 August - Caroline Roseman sent in some more pictures of the wild Fallow Deer seen this weekend. To see the rest of the pictures of these deer and how they have changed over the past few months, click this Animal Gallery link.

Doe Fallow Deer at Lower Rochford

4 August - The Moth Gallery for July has been updated. There were 53 'new' species on the wing in July. 50 of them are shown at the bottom of the page in the updated Moth Gallery, under July. The Highlights were the Devon Carpet and Cloaked Carpet. Both extremely rare in Worcestershire. Please be patient, this is a large page and will take a little time to load.

1 August - Dave Barnes who works locally and has a wealth of knowledge on the Bird front, witnessed a Hobby in the Middle of Tenbury last week. The bird made a feeble diving attempt at taking out a House Martin down by the Bridge public house, before flying off up Teme Street !

An early morning vantage point. A Buzzard sat on the top of a conifer at Upper Rochford at 6am. The continual calling gave the birds presence away, which might have otherwise gone un-noticed.


A tree in flower. A more unusual tree, but growing in the area. This one in a garden at Birchfield, Upper Rochford.

An Indian Bean Tree. It flowers late July / early August and then produces long brown bean seed pods , which can be seen dangling down from the branches in the Autumn.

Indian Bean Tree

31 July - David Hambelton sent in some pictures of a Grass Snake taken last year. Click HERE to see the pictures and to get some more information on identifying grass snakes.

The 'Identify This' page has been updated. If you find or see something that you're not too sure about, send in a picture and see if anybody else knows what it is. Can You identify anything on this page?

30 July - David Hambelton of Upper Rochford has sent in two pictures of a Greater Spotted Woodpecker on his bird feeder. The males and females of this species can be easily identified, by the presence or absence of a red patch on the back of the head. The males have the red patch. On the females, it is absent. Young Greater Spotted Woodpeckers also sport a red crown.

Go to the Bird Gallery for David's full size photos.

Greater Spotted Woodpecker (Female)

......And yet another, even more scarce moth has been recorded in Upper Rochford. It is, like the Cloaked Carpet below, on the Nationally Scarce B List for UK moth species. It came to a light trap last night. This moth is called a Devon Carpet, and as the name suggests, it is a species more usual in the South West and South Coast of England. There have however, been a few recent records showing that it is spreading North. This capture appears to help give some additional credence to this. The Devon Carpet, like the Cloaked Carpet below, likes damp woodland. The larva feed on Marsh Bedstraw. Do we have any Marsh Bedstraw plants in our area ??....Let us know if YOU know !!

Devon Carpet

29 July - A very scarce moth has been recorded as part of the ongoing Moth Survey at Upper Rochford in the Teme Valley Area.

The Cloaked Carpet is only found locally in the Wyre Forest. This is thought to be only the 2nd record in Worcestershire outside of the Wyre Forest in recent times. (Still requires official confirmation. The first record was about 10 days ago in Monk Wood).

Records apart, this moth is found in damp shaded dingles and is extremely uncommon in this part of the Country. Hereford has a few records, but again, it is generally a rarity. The larva feed on Stichworts, one of the wild flowers we do have growing in our area. (See the Wild Flower Gallery).

Cloaked Carpet

Interesting Facts: Temperatures last week reached an incredible 47.5 C in direct sunlight in the Orchard at Upper Rochford.

28 July - Two of the galleries have been updated. The Bird Gallery, showing some pictures of a Moorhen and its Young at a pool at Upper Rochford amongst others, and the Butterfly gallery. We have numerous species of Butterfly's on the wing at the moment, so if you see one that we haven't got a picture of, get snapping and send the picture in telling us when and where you photographed it.

The Big Summer Bug Hunt - We haven't got any photos on the insect gallery web page yet, so get your camera and see what bugs you can find in your garden. There are a lot of different types of beetles on the move at the moment, so once again, get snapping with those cameras and lets see who can find the scariest 'bug'. Have a look under old wood or plant pots. There's bound to be something of interest.

Next week - We will be updating the Moth gallery for July. There are well over 40 new species to add to the gallery which have turned up, here in OUR area, in July. Some of them are quite impressive, including the Leopard Moth, Foxglove Pug and the Barred Red.........and they should be flying in your Teme Valley garden NOW !! The moth gallery already holds a considerable number of photos. So if you think moths are dull and brown, you better take a look. Remember, these are all from our Teme Valley area.

Also next week, we will try and update the Wild Flowers Gallery. Any pictures you have of wildflowers in the area will be much appreciated.

18 July - One of the most common Moths being seen in the area coming to light is the Common Footman. This moth, about 1" long, has a deep uniformly lead coloured grey back tinged with a yellow band. It gets its name from the Victorian period from when it was named. The Footmen of the carriages of the time, used to wear a grey and yellow uniform.

Common Footman

The larva feed on lichens and algae as well as hawthorn.

Green Woodpeckers seem to have had a good year. There are at least two pairs in the Upper Rochford area with young. These birds are predominantly ground feeders and have a strong liking for ants as a source of food. Go to the Bird gallery here to see one which has been caught on camera......up a tree!.

11 July - A lot of interesting Fungi is starting to show up in the area. The combination on warm and wet weather has induced the spores to develop. Get some photos over to us here at the web site if you see anything of interest.

A Red Kite was seen over towards Ludlow a Couple of Days ago. We understand (but not officially confirmed) that a couple of pairs were released in the area recently.

4 July - A Curlew was heard in a field at Upper Rochford earlier this week. Although not seen, the call, which is unmistakable, gave the bird away. According to local Farmer David Spillsbury, he has not heard or seen one in the area since 1992, and before then, only once in the 1970's. So keep your eyes peeled for this rarity in our area!

The Moth Gallery Page has been updated with pictures of the Moths seen flying in June in our area.

1 July 2008 - Teme Valley Wildlife Web site launched.